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Suitable for boats up to 10 meters. Specifications: Diameter 1700mm - Overall length 1500mm. A must for drift fishing applications including soft baiting to deep water bottom fishing or for..
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Suitable for boats up to 10 meters.

Diameter 1700mm - Overall length 1500mm.

A must for drift fishing applications including soft baiting to deep water bottom fishing or for slowing trolling for trout.
They are made right here in NZ from very strong and durable PVC backed canvas.

All other sizes available by request.

600 Denier PVC coated canvas.
Reinforced webbing seams.
Reinforced webbing edges.
1700mm x 4 shroud ropes.
Dragline included but not in picture sorry
Stainless steel crimps.
Reinforced rope opening at large open end.
Also available in small, medium and large sizes as well as my new Kayak and Jet Ski Sea Anchor.

Available in green, red, navy blue or black.

Made in New Zealand using selected quality materials.
12 month warranty applies for faulty workmanship only for this product.
Please note that these sea anchors come in four different sizes.

Self Sufficiency:
Good seamanship being the essence of preparedness, no small, independent craft should venture offshore without the tremendous confidence, security/insurance - and peace of mind - afforded by a Sea Anchor. A Sea Anchor will go a long way toward enabling a skipper to limit contingencies at sea and dispose of them early. Self sufficiency is the trend of the day and a Sea Anchor will contribute greatly to self sufficiency on the oft hostile interface between sea and sky, with all the uncertainties - and challenges - that they hold for the contemporary sailor.

Safety Valve At Sea:
For shorthanded sailors, hopeless exhaustion is just as dangerous as the sudden gale. Brain numb from fatigue the shorthanded sailor will soon cross the dangerous threshold beyond which all is error and wrong decision. It is precisely at this point that a Sea Anchor is worth its weight in gold. Set the Sea Anchor, get some rest, and then get up to fight again, with your brain back in working order.

"Precious Miles":
Sometimes it doesn’t pay to beat into heavy seas. The wear and tear on the crew and boat do not justify the handful of miles gained upwind. It may be wiser to lay-to a Sea Anchor and wait for better conditions. To heave-to without one may mean losing in a few hours what you have spent days gaining.

Drift Control:
Many boats are lost annually when - initially disabled - they drift out of control and run aground. A Sea Anchor will enable you to hold your position and keep your boat off the rocks long enough for help to arrive.

Attitude Stabilization:
With sails down or engine out your boat will become unstable - sideways - rolling sickeningly, rails buried in the troughs. A Sea Anchor will force the bow back into the seas and restore stability allowing you to go about the business of pumping out, making repairs, or going up the mast if necessary.

"Land is a mixed blessing," to quote Webb Chiles, and Lord knows how many boats have arrived at night and gone belly-up on reefs because the skipper couldn’t wait set foot on dry land. If you make the landfall at night and the entry is a difficult one ... Lay off a safe distance and lay-to your Sea Anchor until daybreak. Better late than never.

U.S. Sailing has recognized the value of a true Sea Anchor aboard multi-hulls ... in Appendix VII of ‘Recommendations For Offshore Sailing" one multi-hull builder has stated that the introduction of large diameter parachute type Sea Anchors has made it safer for multi-hulls to cruise blue water.