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Our Journey

Where did Maui begin?

Maui Ocean Products began it's journey based in Simon's living room with one dream and one product. Simon saw the need to manufacture and supply more products and offer better services to his customers. Maui has grown into what it is today through Simon's knowledge, dedication and commitment.

The inspiration of naming the Company came from the want of a name that not only defines what we do but what we are about and where we came from - our culture and it's relationship with the oceans of New Zealand and our Pacific partners.

Maui Ocean Products has developed long term relationships with a wide variety of suppliers providing the best quality products available ensuring that this consistency and excellence is passed on to our customers.

Where are MAUI customers located?

MAUI provides marine solutions to the recreational, commercial and professional marine industries throughout the South Pacific.
We currently have supply partnerships in New Zealand, Australia, Cook Islands, Western Samoa, American Samoa, Niue, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis & Futuna, Niue, Vanuatu, and Fiji.

Who are MAUI customers?

Government Departments , Fishing Companies , Fishing Vessels owners and skippers , Ministry of Marine Resources, Professional Charter companies, Port Authorities, Professional Project Specifiers, South Pacific Aid Agencies, Promotional Companies, Retail Stores, Fishing Equipment Wholesalers, Fish Processing Factories and Project Managers to name but a few.

What have they said about MAUI?

“I always appreciated the way MAUI worked for me and my company, always precise, speedy and without any problems” Manager, Fishing Company

“It would be great to work with MAUI in the future on any new projects” Aid Agency Project Director

“MAUI treats my business as if it is as important as their own” Retailer

“Exemplary customer service and so willing to go the extra mile” Vessel owner

“Valuable knowledge of both recreational and commercial fishing industry, methods and practice” Fishing Equipment Wholesaler

“Integrity and a manner which promoted very high standards” Provedoring Company

“It is a war in business today, but with MAUI’s business ethics and commercial prowess, they enabled us to successfully battle on and win.” Commercial Fishing Equipment Wholesaler