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About Us

MAUI adds value by:

  • Being a 'one stop' shop.
  • Providing only the best gear, the best advice and the best prices.
  • Working as a cooperative whole.
  • Providing goods and services with integrity; in a truly remarkable manner.
  • Providing goods and services that pay our customers to buy.
  • Providing partnership and expertise.
  • Being REAL; real, honest relationships are important to us.

MAUI's reliability, integrity and exertise promises support and partnership long after your initial purchase.


Maui's Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 8am to 5pm 

Friday: 8am to 4pm

(Or by arrangement)


MAUI's people

MAUI's staff have successfully serviced industrial and recreational industries throughout the South Pacific for a combined period of well over 40 years, they continue to build an enviable reputation for their integrity and support.


SIMON MARSHALL Managing Director
simon@mauioceanpro.co.nz 0275915611

Simon is our Managing Director and our inspiration. Maui started with Simon and his commitment to excellence and consistency in providing Maui's customers with the best quality advice and products available has allowed Maui to grow to where it is today.

GLEN CLEARY Business Development Manager
glen@mauioceanpro.co.nz 021904539

Glen is a valued member of the Maui team and brings with him a high level of experience and integrity.  He is our chief salesperson and also our Import / Export Manager taking care of our many overseas customers.

CODY PAGET Financial Controller
accounts@mauioceanpro.co.nz  (07) 5716396

Cody is the newest member of the Maui team and has taken over Diane's roll looking after the financial side of Maui.  Cody brings a high level of professionalism and dedication to our Maui team.

SUSAN BRYAN Sales Administration
admin@mauioceanpro.co.nz (07) 5716396

Susan takes care of the administration side of Maui and is more than happy to help with taking any phone orders, assisting with general enquiries or helping with any account queries our Maui customers may have.

ERROL HODGSON C-Tech Industries
errol@mauioceanpro.co.nz 0276915611
Errol is in charge of our C-Tech Industries branch which manufactures our exclusive, proudly New Zealand made, Maui brand of clips, blocks and gaffs - as well as taking care of anything else our customers require manufactured or repaired.